What are the definitions of the different types of jobs?

Here are deffrent types of industries and sectors with following jobs.

Types of Indian Industry

Grouped by areas of specialization, there can be over a thousand different industries in India. As mentioned before, we can classify all of them as primary, secondary or tertiary. Here is a list of the most promising and successful industries today:

1. Entertainment

The entertainment industry makes a profit by engaging and holding the attention of audiences by providing them with an enjoyable experience through movies, songs, theater productions, concerts, television shows, sports, and video games. The entertainment industry is part of the tertiary sector of the economy and includes media, production houses, music companies, game companies, television channels and news agencies. Here is a list of possible careers in the entertainment industry:

  • Photographer
  • Production assistant
  • Film director
  • Video editor
  • Screenwriter

2. Medical / Helth

The healthcare or pharmaceutical industry is primarily concerned with restoring the health of patients or maintaining health for the general public. The healthcare industry includes companies that manufacture medical devices, develop drugs, provide health insurance and facilitate the delivery of medical services. Companies in the pharmaceutical industry include hospitals, medical manufacturers, medical laboratories, telemedicine, medical tourism, health insurance and pharmaceutical companies. Here are some possible careers in this field:

  • Pharmacist
  • Medical officer
  • Veterinarian
  • Medical lab technologist
  • Nurse
  • Dr.

3. Finance

The financial sector includes a wide range of financial services that produce, control and facilitate the circulation of money. Finance companies provide insurance to consumers, mortgages to homeowners, and loans to businesses. Some of the booming areas of the Indian financial industry are banking, professional consultancy, wealth management, mutual funds, insurance, stock markets, treasury or debt instruments, audit consultancy, capital restructuring and portfolio management. Here are some possible career opportunities in finance:

  • Financial analyst
  • Chief financial officer
  • Personal banker
  • Finance manager
  • Accountant
  • CA
  • Insurence Sales Excutive
  • Cashier

4. IT / Software

The software industry is basically the part of the IT industry that programs and uses computers to perform specific tasks. It offers four different services namely Programming, Systems, Open Source and SaaS (Software as a Service). This includes companies that develop, maintain, publish and distribute software (whether “licensed or maintenance-based” or “cloud-based”). Here are some possible careers in this field:

  • Data scientist
  • Software engineer
  • Fstack developer
  • Machine-learning engineer
  • Blockchain developer
  • Application / Web Dovloper

5. Education / Training

The education sector consists of institutions that share education and knowledge and provide talent to other industries. These academic institutions can be public and private (non-profit or not-for-profit). These include schools, colleges, universities, ministries or departments of education, teaching services, research centers and companies that produce and provide educational materials and products. Here are some possible careers in this field:

  • Teacher
  • Lecturer
  • Academic manager
  • Education counsellor
  • Academic writer
  • Trainer / Tutor
  • Lecturer

6. Industrial Manufacturing

The industry produces yarn, fabric or ready-made garments from natural or synthetic raw fibers. It uses chemicals, machinery and human labor to design, manufacture and distribute yarn for various purposes. The three subdivisions of this industry are textile mills, textile product mills, and clothing manufacturing. Industry includes industries such as fiber mill, Electrical industry, Automobile industry, Pharma industry, Steel industry, Textile industry and plastic industry. Here are some possible careers in this field:

  • Production head
  • Quality control officer
  • Production engineer
  • Sales manager
  • Operations analyst
  • Worker
  • Helper

7. Food processing

Processing and making raw foods from farms, animals and other sources safe for consumption is the field of the food industry. It is a secondary industry that uses manpower, machinery and technology to physically and chemically process and extend the shelf life of agricultural products. The various food industry sectors in India include grain and grain milling, fruit and vegetable processing, dairy, bakery, beverages, fish, poultry and meat products. Here are some possible careers in the food industry:

  • Food technologist
  • Nutritionist
  • Food inspector
  • Food production manager
  • Supply chain manager